What is the Therapon Approach?

God's Word brings light and truth to every situation. The
approach helps each individual move beyond controlled
behavior, self-effort and just "getting" better into a genuine,
life-changing, maintenance free victory. The truth that you
believe will change your life! God's truth sets the captive free.

Is Therapon Biblical?

The Approach is Biblical and faith-based. Each of us has
believed lies throughout our lives. These lies have
resulted in us not living in the truth of God's Word and
His good plan He made for us before the foundations of the
earth were formed. Bringing light to every lie, exposing it, and
then defeating it, brings truth, hope, freedom and victory.

What Can I Expect?

You can expect to be ministered to in a safe, confidential
and caring environment. At no time will your information be
shared with anyone. What you say during your session
is between you , God, and those ministering to you.

Personal Appointments

Your time of ministry is personal. Only the team that is working
with you will be present. They are there to create a safe
environment, listen, encourage, and help you hear what the
Holy Spirit of God is revealing to you through His Word and